To lead a happy life is the aim of everyone since ages. In the present day turbulent environment, it is very important that you acquire some knowledge and learn some techniques to remain fit and fine to lead a happy life. For this, one of such techniques is to build up your self esteem. By definition, self esteem is considered an important component of emotional health that encompasses both self-confidence and self-acceptance. It is the emotional way the individuals perceive themselves or make evaluation of themselves, and how well they do things that are important to them. So, to work efficiently and effectively, you need to have your self esteem high.

These are some ways to build up your self esteem to lead a happy life:

  1. Health: Maintain and improve your health. Healthy people have a positive outlook of life. They feel better and important. So, remain neat and clean, try to be smart and attractive, be well dressed, eat less and balanced diet, have moderate sleep, brisk walk, jog or exercise for about thirty minutes a day regularly or during most days of the week to remain physically fit. Physically and mentally healthy people have positive outlook of the world and themselves.


  1. Finance: Take care of your financial health. If your job, business and assets are safe and improving, your self esteem is high. It is said that “do not keep all your eggs in one basket”. Investment in different sources of income may save you from odd days. But, if you have strong reasons that investment in one lot is okay, you may do it. Anyhow, try to manage your property, wealth, income and expenditures in a suitable way.


  1. Family: Healthy family relations are not only buffer zone during odd days rather, healthy family ties boost up your morale, and give you comfort and enjoyment in close relationships that keeps your self esteem high. Healthy family relations are source of pleasure, happiness and long life. Spend your time with family members in sharing, helping, warmth, acceptance, enjoyment and happiness.


  1. Goals: Plan years, months and days of your life with long and short term goals. Your goals should be: Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely, with Evaluation and Review (SMARTER). People who lead their life with suitable goals and struggle to achieve them, live a longer life as compared with those who do not make appropriate goals to achieve for. Goals also make your life purposeful with a sense of direction and achievement.


  1. Belief: Along with planning your goals, you should believe in that you are capable of doing it. Keep your ‘vision’ strong and clear in your mind. Suitable verbal and visual reminders of your goals with strong belief in your abilities may keep you on the right track.


  1. Motivation: Moderate to strong motivation to achieve your life goals is very important. Remain inspired, energized, and look at the bright side of the things and events. Develop positive thinking and remain focused on your short and long term goals. Temporary obstacles and setbacks should not make you off track. Boost up your morale with self confidence, and pump up yourself with your abilities, achievements and strong determination when need arises.


  1. Social Work: Try to help others. The poor, needy, sick, week and deprived people should be cared and helped as our moral obligations. Giving away any form of material, moral or psychological assistance to deserving people would give you a lot of satisfaction and pleasure. Be a part of community social work whatsoever small it may be. Helping others also gives you spiritual relief and elevation.


  1. Spiritual Peace: Everyone has a limited life span in this world. Imagine of the Supreme Being, the Creator and Sustainer of this universe. Do your good for its own sake. Remain connected with the Lord of the Universe during your good and bad days. Be thankful to Him for His innumerable blessings and have patience and peace in all situations of life.


The researches have indicated that the people who have good physical and mental health, financial stability, strong family ties, and well planned goals with high motivation, participation in social activities and trust in God for spiritual peace, have high self-esteem as compared to those who do not score well on these indicators. So, by adopting such techniques, you may boost your self esteem, lift up yourself and enjoy your life.


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