For the purpose of advocacy, awareness and mass literacy on various aspects of the child, marriage and the family at local, national and international socio-cultural perspectives, Pakistan Council on Family Relations works with electronic, social and print media for the identification, rectification and alleviation of human sufferings.

Additionally, through working with media and press, PCFR intends to disseminate knowledge, bring positive change, peace, happiness and healthy human development within and outside the families.

Research and Development on Marriage and the Family

Pakistan is quite deficient in research and development in the areas of social sciences in general, and the child, marriage and the family in particular. Pakistan Council on Family Relations lays great emphasis on research and development in all family related matters. PCFR has indicated the importance of family studies with some areas for the young scholars’ guidance and thematic pursuits. By persuasive efforts of a member Board of Governors of PCFR, a subject of Family Psychology has been incorporated in BS Psychology curriculum of the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad for the first time in colleges and universities of Pakistan. PCFR invites all scholars working within and outside the educational institutions, NGOs, INGOs and other stakeholders interested in relevant fields to cooperate, coordinate, support and share knowledge on child, marriage and the family. The scholarly, thematic, educative and debatable articles of public interest may be uploaded on the PCFR web for wider publicity and education. (ref. contact us)

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Education and Training on Child Rights and Women Empowerment

Pakistani society is still at low profile in awareness and implementation of human rights/duties especially, the child, men and women rights/duties in family as envisaged in Islam and Christianity, the Constitution of Pakistan and international conventions. The issues like infant mortality, maternal mortality, morbidity, social concerns on child and woman safety and healthy development, gender equality and equity, and education and empowerment in society require great attention of everyone.

Additionally, the issues of prevailing child and woman abuse, kidnap, harassment, inheritance and holding of property rights, and further, woman participation in social and economic development with respect and dignity need special attention of society. Some traditional concepts and practices especially related to women and children that are contraindicative for healthy growth and development of our family and society need to be addressed. PCFR is motived to impart formal and informal education and training of all concerned for more awareness and improvement of respect, love and dignity to our women and children so as to develop the society a more civilized nation.


In this globalized world of today, the events, cultures, values and institutional changes in one part of the world do influence other parts of the world as well. At the same time, we have to preserve our healthy socio-cultural traditions and values concerning child, marriage and the family, and modify them according to needs of the time for our betterment. So, we should think globally and act locally. In this perspective, PCFR is willing to cooperate, coordinate and lobby with all the relevant local, provincial, national and international bodies, civil societies, organizations and governments including UNICEF and the United Nations for the Family’s human resource development.