MARRIAGE AND FAMILY RELATIONSHIP are among the most important relationship in almost everybody’s life and have / had been prevailing since human history. There are many reasons and related issues and contexts behind it. These vary and relate from person to person. Everyone wants to lead a happy life but due to lack of knowledge, skills and abilities, people suffer when they cannot cope with their difficulties. The acute and chronic difficulties and sufferings may lead them to further difficulties and sufferings if not properly cared or cured.

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS can be triggered by differences and conflicts of perceptions, trust, belief system, financial issues, in-laws relationship, sharing time, responsibilities, communications etc. Personality orientation, developmental life circumstances, changes, stresses and resilience are also very important concerns among many others.

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS do affect the wellbeing and happiness of almost every individual. Such relationship problems may lead to:

● Negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, hostility, violence

● Feelings of exhaustion, confusion, stress, tension, lack of charm in life

● Feelings of isolation, withdrawn, aloof, dejected, suicidal thoughts

● Difficulties in concentration, problem solving, making decisions

● Difficulties in eating, sleeping, normal working,

● Disturbances in other relationships with relatives, friends, colleagues

● Many other cognitive, intellectual, emotional and behavioral problems

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING may alleviate your sufferings. The counselling may be extended by:

→ Marriage and Family Counsellors – the knowledgeable, skilled and professional counsellors

→ Wise, skilled and loyal people within and/or outside the family