Pakistani society is still at low profile in awareness and implementation of human rights/duties especially, the child, men and women rights/duties in family as envisaged in Islam and Christianity, the Constitution of Pakistan and international conventions. The issues like infant mortality, maternal mortality, morbidity, social concerns on child and woman safety and healthy development, gender equality and equity, and education and empowerment in society require great attention of everyone.

Additionally, the issues of prevailing child and woman abuse, kidnap, harassment, inheritance and holding of property rights, and further, woman participation in social and economic development with respect and dignity need special attention of society. Some traditional concepts and practices especially related to women and children that are contraindicative for healthy growth and development of our family and society need to be addressed. PCFR is motived to impart formal and informal education and training of all concerned for more awareness and improvement of respect, love and dignity to our women and children so as to develop the society a more civilized nation.

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