Pakistan is quite deficient in research and development in the areas of social sciences in general, and the child, marriage and the family in particular. Pakistan Council on Family Relations lays great emphasis on research and development in all family related matters. PCFR has indicated the importance of family studies with some areas for the young scholars’ guidance and thematic pursuits. By persuasive efforts of a member Board of Governors of PCFR, a subject of Family Psychology has been incorporated in BS Psychology curriculum of the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad for the first time in colleges and universities of Pakistan. PCFR invites all scholars working within and outside the educational institutions, NGOs, INGOs and other stakeholders interested in relevant fields to cooperate, coordinate, support and share knowledge on child, marriage and the family. The scholarly, thematic, educative and debatable articles of public interest may be uploaded on the PCFR web for wider publicity and education. (ref. contact us)

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