Adolescence is the period of transition between childhood and adulthood. It refers to multiple transitions in biological, physiological, psychological, philosophical, sexual, intellectual and social aspects of boys and girls. Due to rapid changes and upheavals in their body and mind, this phase is also known as the period of ‘stress and storm’. The adolescent boys and girls need appropriate care, attention and guidance at this stage.

Youth is the period of adulthood between adolescence and old age. This phase is known as the age of physical and mental maturity. During youth age, people usually marry, have children, and join work force. People may come across issues of marital relationship, infertility, parent-child and intergenerational relationship, work-family life balance etc.

The elderly age, usually called the old age, is associated with retirement from work, mental maturity and wisdom. This life phase is associated with decline of physical and mental faculties with many health related problems as well. Marital, familial, financial and intergenerational relationship issues with physical and mental health concerns are also matters of consideration to be dealt with at this age.