Psychologists, sociologists, educationists, physicians and other researchers have repeatedly indicated that the early childhood years are the most sensitive and formative years in everybody’s life. Early childhood years including prenatal, perinatal, postnatal, infancy, and preschool years are crucial times for the child’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth and development. Brain and body are at the most rapid pace of growth and development at this stage while the smooth functioning or disruptions have long life consequences. A Unicef study (2000) has indicated that to invest one dollar in early childhood health, education and development saves seven dollars subsequently. It is rightly said that investing our time, money and energy in our children is the best investment that pays back the maximum rewards in this world and the hereafter. Children’s physical safety and health, adequate nourishment and appropriate brain and body development with variegated stimulating environment, and healthy emotional and social interaction along with respect and love may be very beneficial for their whole life span.